System comparison

system comparison

HWS-mobil in system comparison

The significant advantages of HWS-mobil become particularly evident in direct comparison with conventional flood control systems: The most popular and oldest flood protection is the sandbag barrier. Used on a suitable surface, HWS-mobil is markedly superior compared to this “traditional” flood protection system.

System comparison HWS-mobil – sandbag barrier

Anticipated flood height: 1 m/length: 100 m

  hws-mobil sandbag barrier
Number of systems/sacks Approx. 66 Approx. 13,000 sacks
Time required for filling None Approx.125 working hours
Total weight in kg 2,350 kg Approx.208,000 kg
Time required (assembly) Approx. 12 working hours Approx. 130 working hours
Time required (disassembly) Approx. 10 working hours Approx. 100 working hours
Cleaning Hose off with water Decontamination/disposal
When flooded Remainsstable Are washedaway