Mobile flood protection

Mobile flood protection by Howatecheadliner2

Extreme weather phenomena with torrential rain happen more often than ever. Mobile flood protection systems, that are easily and fast build up, gain more and more significance.

Both, private user as well as municipalities can easily use HWS mobil as a protection system against floods.

Effectiv flood protection

HWS mobil is not only an ideal flood protection system with doors. This system allows beside door openings also masonry passages or even parking entrances with a minimum of seals – on shortest notice! For these scenarios, stop log systems and sandbags offer much less possibilities than the mobile flood protection system.


Thanks to its modular assembly, even bigger openings can be protected. The assembly is performed with common tools, also cleaning it is easy. One single person can easily transport each part.


One additional benefit:
Because of the stagnation pressure and the dirty parts in the water, the impermeability is even strengthened. The University of Siegen has proven this in various tests. It just needs a watertight ground that is safe against shearing.

Perfect flood protection – space-saving storage

When it is not used, HWS mobil can be stored on a very small surface, e.g. in a cellar or in a garage. If one needs larger amounts of the system for the linear protection against floods, one could store the assembling parts on transportable pallets in order to have them fast on hand when required.

HWS mobil wins steel innovation prize 2012.

By the way, also HWS mobil uses the advantages of the innovative 3p technology for a safe flood protection!


Where other measures against floods are limited, the mobile flood protection system by HOWATEC is a perfect solution.


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