HWS-mobil innovation

HWS-mobil innovation

HWS-mobil is a modular system for the temporary protection against floods.


Quick and easy installation, high security and excellent tightness are the outstanding features of this mobile flood protection system:


The system was developed as part of a research project in collaboration with the Research Institute for Water and Environment (Forschungsinstitut Wasser und Umwelt/fwu), Department of Hydraulic Engineering and Hydromechanics at the University of Siegen.


The assembly of the HWS-mobil components requires only simple tools. All components can be handled by one single person. Compressors, pumps and generators are not necessary.


HWS-mobil consists mainly of steel and offers maximum stability. The system’s support modules with the proven 3p-Technology are fixed firmly to the ground. From flood heights ranging from 70 cm, a support protection module is optionally available.

Surges or waves are absorbed by the flexible baffle plates.

Water tightness

The system requires only 2 seals. The bottom seals on the bottom of the baffle plates and the vertical seals per each support post. This results in a minimised leakage.

Considering all of its unique capabilities, HWS-mobil is quite unique.